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How Football Relates To The Business World

Football, or “the beautiful game”, started out humbly enough as a past time. But now, the sport has turned into a thriving business concern of global proportions like many other professional sports. At the height of this business operation is FIFA, the world football governing body. Unfortunately, the copious amounts of money this body deals in has been brought to public attention through mega-sized corruption deals involving top FIFA officials.


No other game has a broader global reach than football, In fact, it is estimated that at least half of the world gets to watch the FIFA World Cup in some form every time it takes place. The global event is seen by its host as a rife business opportunity as it allows such a country to boost its tourism and popularity around the world. This is why countries fight for the chance to host the event, and many of them pull all the stops to make sure the event puts them in flattering light for the sake of business.


Even at club levels, football is big business. Every football season is characterized by million-dollar player transfers, multi-million dollar sponsorship deals and ticket sales that keep these club running and profitable. In addition to ensuring they have the best possible winning form, football clubs also keep a close eye on their finances to ensure that they make money for their super rich owners.

Coaches are more often than not signed on to performance contracts to ensure the clubs retain their performance or do better in order to boost their popularity in the football world, which in turn translates into more lucrative sponsorships, better fan turnouts, and hence, greater profits.

Professional football players also approach the sport in monetary terms. This is why they have agents that negotiate big contracts on their behalf with the clubs that want to enjoy their services. These players also earn sponsorship deals from many global brands, which they in turn promote in exchange for large payouts. So, modern football is inexplicably tied to the business world, whether the average fan sees this or not.

Here are the Top 10 Goals at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil:

How to Use Sports Betting Trends to Improve Your Predictions

Public betting percentages, also known as betting trends, correspond to an actual wager placed during different sports games. Sports betting such as your NFL bets is one of the best and easiest ways to earn money online. You can do it in the comfort of your home, and some people even buy a new house and car or even quit their jobs because of sports betting. A sports betting system includes the use of analytical processes to improve the odds for the bettor to win.

Most bettors who are very inclined to join sports betting activities look for trends before they place their bet to ensure their winning streak. They have this feeling that if they base their picks on figures and facts, it is a much better option than flipping a coin to decide which team to choose.

Do you have any idea about when these sport betting trends began? People back then were keen on wagering on sports activities like horse racing, baseball, football, and basketball. Usually, the results of these favorite games depend on different sports trends. Their performance statistics come in handy together with the team’s’ strengths and weaknesses.

Those were the focus of these bettors. Having the right knowledge may inform you about the winning chances of the teams involved in the game. As the years passes by, people base their bets from the reports found on the internet where a lot of sports websites keep on updating the information about the potential of the team and its lineup.

These serious bettors always take note of the past injuries of the players and their health conditions because these factors also make a big difference in each game. Their motivation and performance are also analyzed because it sometimes spells defeat or victory. The cheering crowd also has a significant impact on the visiting teams because they offer big support to home teams and intimidates the visiting team on the other hand.

A lot of people consider sports betting a game of skill and most people even make a living out of it. They spend a lot of time and effort on researching the performance of sports teams that some have gone to the extent of creating software to help them analyze the team. Determining which betting system is better matters on the analytical tools used by computer software for getting all information in games which meet the benchmark of the better. Through this, you can study the results to determine which team is favored and which isn’t. Many of these software manufacturers say that they can provide a winning average between 80 to 90 percent.

To be successful in this exciting activity, you can learn from experts who are knowledgeable about the ups and downs, over and under, and ins and outs of sports betting. When you engage yourself in sports betting, make sure that you keep a close eye on your money to ensure that you won’t damage your bank account even if you lose from time to time.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Closed Guard Basic Techniques

The guard like half guard is one of the most important subsets of jiu-jitsu. There are many different guards that a BJJ player can use, but closed guard is the one that most people learn first. It is a good control position, it is something that is useful in self-defense (if you learn to break someone’s posture properly) and it has a number of sweep and submission options as well.

There are a few basic BJJ closed guard techniques that everyone should learn before they move on to playing more advanced options such as spider guard and De La Riva. Those techniques include the triangle, the armbar, and the hip bump sweep.

The triangle from closed guard is a simple set up that is the bread and butter of many closed guard games. From the triangle you can transition to other attacks and to sweeps if you wish. The challenge with the triangle from closed guard is bumping the inside arm across to allow you to break the person’s posture, and then remembering to keep the posture broken (controlling the head) while you lock up the triangle. Cutting the angle correctly is important as well. If you are flexible and have long, slender legs you can finish a triangle square on, but most people do not, so they need to change the angle to make the triangle tight.

The armbar from closed guard is a deceptively simple looking move, but it’s one that people try so often that it is actually hard to pull off. Everyone who has been training BJJ for more than a few months knows what someone is trying to do when they grab an arm and start to spin to the side. Again, posture breaking and control is key to pulling this move off.

The hip bump sweep is a simple but effective sweep from closed guard that will, if done correctly, land you in mount. It is a powerful move, and it is something that you can become proficient in quite quickly. It works best when chained with other moves. So, you can try to break someone’s posture, then when they fight back and their weight is tipping backwards, open your guard, plant your feet, build your base up and drive into them. They will either topple over (giving you mount), or post with one of their hands.

If they post, you have another attack option – go for the kimura grip, switch your hips to the other side for momentum and go for a kimura from the guard!

As you can see, angles are important, again, and chaining attacks together matter as well. You won’t pull off much BJJ against someone who knows what they are doing unless you are much stronger than them. Trying to brute force a single attack is not likely to work out. But, trying to chain together attacks will keep a person on the defensive, and mean that when they slip up for a second, you will see an opening.

Why German Shepherds Make the Best Protection Dogs

Picking the right dog is often about picking the dog that matches your specific needs, lifestyle, and personality. However, if you want to find the best protection dog, you are going to want to value their ability to protect over everything else. buy one at Fleischerheim At the same time, you want a dog that is going to also be a good dog to be around consistently and one that is going to be loyal. Below, we will be going over some of the different reasons as to why German Shepherd‘s are the best protection dogs.

Reasons Why German Shepherd’s Are The Best Protection Dogs:

1. Intelligence.
One of the primary factors that you need to consider when you are getting a dog primarily for protection is the intelligence of the dog. German Shepherd’s as a breed, are one of the most intelligent dogs. This is exactly why a majority of police dogs all over the entire globe are of this breed. They are a very intelligent dog breed that can be trained to do just about anything and they have a natural ability to learn very quickly.

2. Respect.
When it comes to respect, German Shepherds are one of the most respectful dogs. They are extremely caring and they typically possess a very protective overall attitude towards those that take care of them (their owners). When given the proper amount of training, they will learn to love, respect, and care for their owners and effectively protect them at all costs from intruders or those that pose a danger to them.

3. High Energy.
When it comes to finding the ideal protection dogs, you want to make sure that the dog is going to have a good amount of energy to expend. The energy levels of this breed are very high so they will not get tired very easily. This is going to allow them to have the energy needed to keep you protected at all times.

4. Loyalty.
When it comes to finding the ideal protection dog, you also want to look at the loyalty factor. You need to find a dog that is extremely loyal and that is going to be willing and able to do whatever it takes to protect you. The good thing about this breed is the fact they are one of the most loyal breeds and they know how to protect and service their owners. Therefore, you can expect them to come through when needed.

5. Top Guard Dog.
As noted above, this breed is the most used dog breed when it comes to serving as police dogs. They have been used as these sorts of service dogs for decades and they know how to protect their owners and keep them safe.

Overall, there are a lot of reasons as to why German Shepherd dogs are the best. Not only do they have natural protective instincts, but they are also one of the most intelligent and loyal breeds in the world.

What You Should Know About The Miranda Warning

Most people have at least some familiarity with the Miranda Warning. It is something that people frequently hear if they watch movies or television shows that revolve around crime.

However, a lot of individuals don’t think about the ways that the Miranda Warning can apply to their life. Here are a few of the things that you should know.

The Warning Has To Be Meaningful

Law enforcement can’t deliver the Miranda Warning under their breath. Courts have determined that the warning has to be given in a meaningful way. In many states, suspects have to verbally confirm that they understand and are aware of their rights.

The Warning Can Be Delivered In Different Ways

When you hear the Miranda Warning on television, it is always produced in the same way. This has to lead many people to believe that there is a precise wording that law enforcement officers have to use.

However, the warning can be delivered in some different ways. Law enforcement personnel have some freedom when it comes to wording. What matters is that the suspect is acutely aware of their rights.

Failing To Warn A Suspect Is A Serious Rights Violation

The Miranda Warning isn’t a joke; it is something that the law takes very seriously. If a suspect isn’t warned before they are questioned, then they might not be able to be charged with a crime.

It is important that people are aware of their rights, and it is equally important that those rights are respected.

If you don’t know much about the Miranda Warning, you should try to find out at much as you can. There are some things that the average person isn’t aware of when it comes to their rights.

What Is the Purpose of Bail In America?

When an individual is taken into custody and accused of a crime, there is an option available to get them out of jail until they must appear for their trial. This option is known as bail, and it’s the money posted by the defendant, and it allows them to be released from jail. It is not a punishment, nor is it a fine. The primary purpose of bail in America is to act as surety that the individual will show up for their trial.

To decide how much bail must be paid, some factors may be considered by the magistrate or judge. At the top of the list is the risk that the defendant may flee and not show up for their trial. Other factors may include the severity of the crime, community safety and if the accused is considered to be a dangerous individual.

In some cases, the judge or magistrate may make temporary conditions to allow bail. For example, if the defendant has committed a crime against somebody, then contact with that individual or individuals may be limited during the time that they are on bail.

Another possibility is that the defendant may be released on their recognizance. If that is the case, it is not necessary for them to make a monetary payment. They simply promise that they will be back for the trial on time. This is more likely to happen if the defendant has been a substantial part of the community and has a steady job.

Bail should not be considered as an additional punishment for a crime. The purpose of bail of America is simply to ensure that the defendant will show up for their trial date. If they don’t, the bond may be forfeited. Here is the fast bail bonds in the NJ area > www.lucky7bail.com.

Hiring Corporate Magicians In New York City

Are you looking for a way to bring some magic to the workplace? Do your employees need a little downtime on your dime? Are you planning a corporate event for your team? No matter what event or reason you have coming your way, choosing to hire corporate magicians in New York City is always a smart choice. As you consider this option for bringing fun and magic to your workplace, here are the benefits for you and your co-workers when you decide to hire a magician.

First of all, did you know that a healthy work environment improves job performance? It is true! If you are not planning an event, but just want an afternoon of fun, hiring a magician, allowing the employees and yourself some downtime, and spending the time together will go a long way in creating the positive culture that will improve the attitudes and work ethics of those who enjoy the show.

Next, you may consider hiring a magician for a corporate event. Do you have a special dinner, picnic, or another event that is in the works? These types of gatherings are meant for fun and nothing is more fun than a magician that can bring entertainment to the event for you and your employees, and their guests to enjoy. Pick someone who has had loads of experience, like Seth Kramer (his website can be found at: http://www.trafficstoppers.com/corporate-entertainer).

As you can see, there are many reasons that you would want to hire a magician for corporate events in New York City. You can hire one to bring joy, bonding, and an active culture to your workplace. You can also hire a magic entertainer to come and entertain those at any corporate event you may be planning. No matter the reason, it is a good choice to hire a New York City Magician for your employees.

Looking at SEO Solutions in Long Island


There’s no question that if you want to prosper in modern business, you need to have a strong web presence that gets your message across and helps you and your website get found. While a strong social media footprint and an excellent site are a great start, neither will do you much good if you can’t be found by the very customers you are seeking. This predicament is where search engine optimization comes in and if you’re serving the Long Island area then you need SEO solutions that work for you at that local level.

Finding SEO Solutions on Long Island
When it comes to getting noticed the first step is to find a well-regarded SEO agency who has experience and a track record of getting things done with local SEO. Localized results and general results aren’t found the same way, and you want someone who can help you right now. Look online for those companies who rank highest in the search engines, and who also have positive reviews.

SearchTides (516) 543-3248 Long Island SEO Company in Uniondalesearch engine optimization in new york.

The next step is to meet with them. Ask for stories about work with past clients and examples of websites they helped rank so you can look it up on your phone right there and confirm it. Above all, ask them to put together a case study you can review with them. See where their strengths are. See where the weaknesses are.

When you do your research like this, you’ve far more likely to find professionals who know how to overcome the many Google updates like Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, or Vince. Google is always changing and tinkering with their formula so having the ability to change the rankings. Real SEO Specialists are on top of this and can help you ride those waves of change to get the final results you desire.

This rental dress I wore for a few events in NYC

Like everyone else, I love being at events. I love having fun at amazing parties with amazing people. However, it is not always that I have something to wear. Sometimes like everyone I fumble through my closet, take out everything and still do not find something that is good enough. I am a woman, clothes need to be perfect, and they are not most of the time. To avoid going to an event while wearing clothes that are not satisfactory I have this rental dress I have worn for a few events in NYC. It is not only comfortable, but it is also perfect for any occasion; it takes everything to a whole new level and allows you to feel comfortable and look dashing all at the same time.

great restaurants

The main reason I rent cloths and accessories is because if I were to buy a dress for each event I was to attend, my closet would be cluttered. I would have clothes in every part of my home, and the worst part is that I would not wear some ever again. This practice would make it wasteful because then I would have to either keep it for the memories or get rid of it because I will not be wearing it again. Rental clothes make it easier.

With rental outfits, you will always have something new. Renting gets your outfits working and feeling great. It also ensures that you will always have something great to wear for any event you want, and you will not have to walk into every mall in town looking for the perfect dress. Rental dresses are great because they get you what you want, whatever style and color you need you will be able to find. Unlike stores, rentals stores ensure they have enough variety to ensure that customers will always find what they want.

Here is a list of the places I wore this dress to, just don’t tell anyone!

Candle 79




Nobu 57